I have been receiving massage therapy from Amanda for over a year now and I can't say enough amazing things about my experience with her! The entire atmosphere is so calming and healing and it has done wonders for my stress and shoulder and neck problems. Her facials are great too! I recommend Amanda to everyone - you will not be disappointed!

 As an active, mature athlete, I have had regularly scheduled massage treatments over the last 15 years and have become very particular when it comes to choosing a massage therapist. I have been a dedicated client of Amanda’s since our very first appointment, over two years ago. From her first touch it was evident that she is a gifted healer. Amanda is sensitive to her client’s needs and draws upon several techniques to assist in achieving relief and balance. She is a dedicated professional.
I have also had a facial/massage combination with Amanda. What a treat!
R. Gramling

I’ve been a client of Amanda’s for a couple years now and each massage has been absolutely what I needed it to be. Neck spasms, back spasms, whatever the case may be, she has been able to greatly reduce pain and discomfort after each session. Truly worth every penny!

Amanda is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had! As a personal trainer, I have gone through many in my day and Amanda's "hands" works wonders. She's very experienced and knowlegeable and it comes through in every massage I get! She's also's very attentative to my needs, that I leave her feeling all "fixed up"! I also refer my clients to Amanda when the need arises and those clients as well think she does great work. I'm positive all her other services she offers are just as good. Natalie Schindler, ACE-CPT/Owner of Total Body Fitness 

I am a nurse and very particular whom I chose for assistance in my health and well being. Having low back problems, like many health care professional do, I chose,by recommendation, Amanda Snyder, to help me with this problem. Amanda has very powerful,"magic hands and fingers",combined with excellent skills and knowledge of the body and mind. She creates a very professional, friendly, relaxing and cleansing atmosphere, combined with an incredible massage which provides me with a great deal of relief from my low back pain, and the extra added benefit of leaving relaxed, rejuvinated and offering me a a sense of well being.I always look foreward to my next session with her.I would highly recommend all of her services to anyone, with much confidence you would be very satisfied.

Donna Cordero, RN